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More progress have been made since the last video.


Over the summer me and my friend (Johan Malmén) started a project in UE4. I’m handling the design and scripting, while he provides the art. We’ve worked very closely, with a lot of input between each other in all matters regarding the game. We’re making a racing game where you race a muscle car across a level, with the objective to reach the finish line as fast as possible. The motivation behind this project was to get more comfortable with Unreal. The simple concept made it so that I could really focus on level design and becoming more familiar with blueprints. The handling of the car has also been a big focus, trying to make it as satisfying and smooth as possible. I started off with a physics-based vehicle add-on from the marketplace. It’s been really challenging and sometimes frustrating to make the car behave as I want to, trying to make it arcady with the possibility of drifting around every corner. But we’ve had a blast so far and we intend to carry on until we achieve a tight, well-playing and fun experience.


More updates to come.

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