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I’m an aspiring game designer, currently studying at PlaygroundSquad. I believe that my strength lies in being able to see games from a holistic viewpoint while simultaneously focusing on the micro details that make up a game. That versatility helps me put my heart and soul into whatever area of design a game needs.

I also really enjoy being part of a team. Very few experiences come close to the exhilaration I feel when I manage to effectively communicate a vision to creative partners, for them to then internalise it and create something better than you ever imagined.


I believe that those feelings, coupled with my omnivorous appetite for all fields of game design are the prime motivators behind my dream; to join up with an inspiring team and work hard within it to gain the skills and experience necessary to one day get to lead the creative work of designing a game together with my own team.

My road to game design has not been straightforward. Being a visual person, I’ve had some detours into the academic fields of graphic design and comic book authoring. I worked as a graphic designer for 3 years and in a metal workshop before that. Those experiences have meant a lot to me, teaching me invaluable lessons in humility, communication and hard work. But the most significant thing that it taught me was the importance of passion, and the subtle misery that a career without it might entail.


Living without comparison, that realisation first dawned on me when I started to seriously consider game design as a career path. Games have always been a big part of my life, but when I started my education at PlaygroundSquad, I got hit in the face by something true and annoyingly obvious; I love designing games. I felt that there was something missing when I started my career as a graphic designer, a feeling that led me to rethink my life choices. What I couldn’t even hope to imagine then was the torrent of energy, drive and joy that welled up inside me once I got to PlaygroundSquad.


It has been overwhelming, bordering on euphoric. The funny thing is though; I haven’t even started. The thought of being part of a team, filled with people with expertise and experience that they might be willing to share with me is infinitely exciting. I really can’t wait.

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